The Writer Within: A Complete and Enjoyable Guide to Writing from Everyday Life

The Writer Within is a concise guide that offers Wolf’s writing techniques from his Free River Press writing workshops. The Writer Within grew out of Wolf’s 24 years of teaching writing to people at all levels, from elementary school youngsters to college students to small town folk, farmers and homeless individuals in community workshops. Rooted in the oral tradition, Wolf’s methods include storytelling, visualization, spontaneous prose composition, and sketching. Useful for both the individual and groups as well as for beginning or practiced writers, the book’s concrete techniques are flexible enough to be applied towards any form (poetry, composition, non-fiction, plays, etc.).

Preliminary Matters
Genesis & Metamorphosis
Conversation & Dialogue
Memoir Writing
Group Activities


The Writer Within does exactly what it promises: teaches how to write from everyday life.”  — The Bloomsbury Review

“Wolf shows that writing can be fun, noncompetitive, and mutually supportive . . .[It[ will make everyday readers of this book say not only, ‘That’s terrific,’ but also, ‘I could do that.'” — Peter Elbow, author of Writing with Power and Everyone Can Write.

Ruskin Press     paperback    133 pages     $15.00